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  3. M-8 Bilingual Yoga / ヨガ バイリンガル by Sachiko

M-8 Bilingual Yoga / ヨガ バイリンガル by Sachiko

This class is taught in bilingual, Japanese and English, by Sachiko, an experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT®︎ 200 hours) of Yoga Alliance. It is designed for both Japanese speaking and non Japanese speaking people; non-Japanese will be able to learn Japanese as well as Japanese learn English. In terms of yoga and its challenge level, this lesson is just about the same as our Hata Yoga Flow class centered upon valanced sequences integrating the famous Sun Salutation, a series of vinyasa flow linking movement with breath and mindful meditation, which suit for almost everyone except those who have special concerns in health. Sachiko is perfectly able to adjust the yoga flow upon your current flexibility, mobility and stamina. If you are experienced yoga practitioner, she will guide you to some advanced asanas. Please just come and enjoy the power and purity of yoga at this zen temple.


M-8 Bilingual Yoga / ヨガ バイリンガル by Sachiko
Body-Shaping シェイプアップ度
Relaxation Level
Increase in Flexibility
Building Muscles
Cardio Workout Level